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Pancho Leoink

Bass / Vocals

Rab Coyne

Lead Vocals

Stevie Johnston

Lead Guitar / Vocals

Craig Brown



The Untitled..

are a four piece rock band from Scotland.

Formed in the late 18th century,the band were often categorised in the classical genre, probably due to the fact that they were regularly billed alongside keyboard legend, Ludwig Van Beethoven.

The bands bass player Chic (Pancho Leoink) Coyne is even said to have appeared on two of Ludwigs final albums, Missa Solemnis and the classic album, "Ninth Symphony.


Anyway enough of the shit, cut to the chase...With nearly 300 years experience, the band must be heard to be believed.

On listening to the band, it's clear that the profesionalism and skills have grown over the years.

Nowadays the band perform simply for the love of music, a passion that shines through on every performance, an aural masterpiece to the ears!

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